6520 North Platt AvenueWest HillsCalifornia 91307, United States

Conjunction LLC in association with APC Tech LLC


The following list includes Jeff Harman's work and professional contracts in the areas of:

Film Production
Musical Production
Musical Performance
Music Videos
Industrial Films
Radio and Television Commercials
Radio Soundtracks
Acoustic Design and Treatments
Electronic Design and Modifications
Forensic Analysis ( Acoustic and Voice Print Analysis as a Professional Witness)
Educational Instruction (Music, Physics, Acoustics and Psycho-Acoustics)
Technical Analysis of Power Distribution Systems

Past Client List
George Carlin       
Budd Boetticher
Bernard Girard
Hal Roach Film Studio                Los Angeles

The Singing Machine                    Los Angeles

Lou Paget                         Beverly Hills, CA
SHARE                           Los Angeles, CA
Sharmin Lane                        Los Angeles, CA
Children of the Night                        Los Angeles, CA
Brian Rohan, Music Atty. at Law      San Francisco, CA
Steven Zuckerman, Platinum Music Network    Oceanport, NJ
Eaton Corporation                    Milwaukee, WI
Jockey International                    Kenosha, WI
Case International                    Racine, WI
A.S.E.A. Power Systems                Sweden/Milwaukee, WI
Federal Merit Systems Protection Board        Chicago, IL/Washington, DC
Abbot Laboratories                    Chicago, IL
State of Wisconsin Public Defender Office        
State Public Defender
Deputy State Public Defender
Chief Appellate Division
Chief of Trial Division
Kenosha County Sheriff’s Dept., District Atty. Office and Public Defender’s Office
Racine County Sheriff’s Dept., District Atty. Office and Public Defender’s Office
The Murder Trial of Sammy E. Everett
The Murder Trial of Robert Kunik
The P.A.T.C.O. (Air Traffic Controller) Striker Trials
TV Channel 58                    Milwaukee, WI

University of Wisconsin, Madison Performing Arts Center        Madison, WI
Classic Sound                        Hollywood, CA
Audio America                    Orlando, FL
Audio America                    San Juan, Puerto Rico
St. Mary’s Church                    Kenosha, WI
Shoreland Lutheran High School            Kenosha, WI
Johnson Motors                    Chicago, IL
Versatech Technologies                Racine, WI
Johnson Wax                        Racine, WI
Corporate Images                    Racine, WI
First Presbyterian Church                Hackensack, NJ
Christ United Methodist Church            Jackson, MS
Wakefield M.F.G.                    Phoenix, AZ
Evergreen Studios                    North Hollywood, CA
Solar Recording                    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Alfa Studio                        San Juan, Puerto Rico
Remnant Church of God                Kenosha, WI
Christ Church, White Fish Bay            Milwaukee, WI
Chameleon Advertising                Milwaukee, WI
Herbert Jewelers                    Kenosha, WI
May & Company Department Stores            Los Angeles, CA

Budweiser                        St. Louis, MO
Hal Leonard Publishing                Milwaukee, WI
Mother Teresa of Calcutta for the Society of Jesuits through Jerry Coniker        Kenosha, WI
Father John Hardon                    S.C.S.J. of Rome
Sports Hypnosis Center                Milwaukee, WI
Harmony Hall Society for the Preservation of Barber Shop Quartets                Kenosha, WI
Boy Scouts of America                Detroit, MI
A.D.M. Technology                    Detroit, MI
Western Publishing                    Racine, WI
Modine M.F.G.                    Racine, WI
Joel M. Cohen Service                New York, NY
More Entertainment                    New York, NY
Neville L. Johnson, Atty. at Law            Beverly Hills, CA

Linda S. Mensch                    London, Chicago, New York
Brat Stop                        Kenosha, WI
Happenings Magazine                    Kenosha, WI
Riverbank Acoustics Laboratories            Geneva, IL
Superior Light and Sound                Kenosha, WI
General Acoustics                    Los Angeles, CA
Solar Recording                    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Industrial Acoustics                    New York, NY
Temple Baptist Church                Kenosha, WI
Walker MFG                        Milwaukee, WI
Bernard Toyota/Nissan                Chicago, IL
Dr. Dennis M. Connolly                Kenosha, WI
Interstate Electric                    Wisconsin
Burger King                         International
Jack Noble Recording                    Burlington, WI
Bishop Productions                    Milwaukee, WI