Electrical Cart & Equipment

Cart Shelves and Hooks

(1)      100 ft., 2-gauge, banded, stage cable

(1)      150 ft., 1/O banded interconnect cable

(3)      50 ft., 6-gauge, banded cable with 60-A Bates connectors

(2)      50 ft., 100 amp, Bates cable

(4)      50 ft., 10-gauge extensions with 20-A Hubble connectors

(2)      75 ft., 10-gauge extensions with 20-A Hubble connectors

(3)      100-A to 260-A Bates Y connectors

(1)      100-A to 60-A Bates Y connectors

(1)      220-A range/dryer plug to Mole-pin connectors

(1)      220-A dual, circuit breaker boxes to two, 60-A Bates connectors

(1)      400-A dual circuit bull switch in breaker box with Mole-pin and Cam-Lok connectors

(4)      1000W Edison dimmer units with AC throughout

(2)      500W Edison dimmer units with AC throughout

(2)      400-A, Mole-pin, Mole-Richardson distribution boxes

(4)      Yellow Jacket, Inc. cable protectors

(6)      10K light bulbs

(2)      5K light bulbs

(2)      1000W PAR light bulbs

Adjustable vice workstation is on end of Electrical Cart.

Upper Left Drawer

Many miscellaneous Edison multi-prong, 3-way cube connectors

Wire nuts


Flashlights and work lights 

Upper Right Drawer

(1)      1500-A current meter and voltmeter

(1)      8060A fluke digital multi-meter

(1)      Pair of Salisbury GB114 electrical lineman’s safety gloves, 20KV, with leather protectors

Lower Center Drawer

Multiple Mole-pin lug to female pin adapters, lug to male pin adapters

MoleLock Three-fer connectors

Male-to-Male suicide adapters

Female-to-Female suicide adapters

M/F Cam-Lok connector to Mole pin connectors

Misc. safety and repair connectors and complete set of Trico clamp-on to Mole pin connectors for electrical tie-ins


(1) 70K AV, 500 amp diesel generator, MQ quiet

custom silenced to be 60 DBA at 100 ft.

(1) Honda EU6500IS generator that can be used stand-alone or through our distribution system in rig.


We have distribution throughout the rig with outlets on interior and exterior, wired to rooftop Honda generator. We also have distribution from the 70K generator or direct tapping into location electrical source.


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