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Conjunction LLC in association with APC Tech LLC


Small Flag Cart

27”wide x 42” tall x 12” deep

(1) 24”x36” Foamcore, shiny side/foam side

(2) 18”x12” Foamcore, shiny side/foam side

(1) 7”x 36” Foamcore, shiny side/foam side

(3) 24”x36” Muslin flags in Matthews frames

(2) 18’x24” Muslin flags

(1) 24”x36” Duvetyn, black flag with floppy in a collapsible frame

(1) 18”x24” Duvetyn, black flag

(1) 18”x24” Duvetyn black flag with floppy

(1) 12”x18” Duvetyn, black flag

(1) 10”x12” Duvetyn, black flag

(1) 24”x36” open ended, double net Matthews

(2) 24”x36” open ended, single net Matthews

(1) 18”x24” triple black net Matthews

(1) 12”x18” open ended, single net Matthews

(2) 18”x24” China silk, black, open ended flags

(1) 10”x12” white silk, open ended frame

(1) 8”x10” Barham shiny reflector

(1) 2”x14” China silk finger

(1) 2”x14” net finger

(1) 6” silver dot

(1) 42” Photoflex, Multidisk, 5-in-1 with silver, gold, diffuse gold, silk, and white

(2) Photoflex 5-in-1 C-stand holders

(1) 24” black wrap roll

(1) 12" black wrap roll

Large Flag Cart

12” deep x 48” tall x 51” wide, rolling cart

(1) roll Rosco, 56”x20’, 2-stop, ND filter

(1) roll Rosco, 63”x30’ 3025 thin silver

(1) roll4’x20’ full CTB Lee Filter

(1) roll 54”x50’ Vinylite

(1) 4’x4’ Foamcore board with reflective foil on one side, white foam on other

(2) 4’x4’ China Silks in a fixed Matthews frame

(2) 4’x4’ black Duvetyn flags in collapsible frames with 4’x4’ floppies

(1) 4’x4’ cloth Cucaloris Gobo on a Matthews frame

(1) 2’x6’ large cutter, Duvetyn with floppy

(1) 42”x42” shiny and diffuse reflector board on a Junior Locking Stand

(3) 42”x36” highly reflective gold show cards

(1) 42”x36” shiny gold show card

(2) 42”x36” dull gold show cards

(1) 42”x36” dull, deep gold show card

(1) 42”x36” silver show card

(3) 42”x36” white show cards

(1) 42”x36” black show card

(1) 42”x36” shiny grey show card

(1) 42”x36” medium shiny grey show card

(1) 42”x36” reflective grey show card

(1) 42”x36” dull grey show card

(1) 36”x36” Duvetyn Matthews flag(