(1) Arriflex ALEXA XT (16:9/4:3/Open Gate) Camera Package Includes:

- ALEXA XT Camera Body s/n:6519 - PL Mount - Panavision Mount - XR Module - High Speed License - Anamorphic De-squeeze License - ProRes Codec Option - QuickTime File Format Option - SD Card - (4) Codex 512GB XR Capture Drive s/n:311384, 311388, 312097, 312062 - Codex CDX-3790 SxS PRO Card Adapter s/n:291046 - Codex CDX-7510 Capture Drive Dock s/n:1368 - Electronic Viewfinder s/n:5248 - Viewfinder Extension Bracket - Viewfinder Mounting Bracket - Center Camera Handle - Handle Extension Block - Shoulder Pad - Leveling Block - Wedge Adapter - Rod Mounting Bracket - BP-13 Bridge Plate (15mm) - Sliding Base Plate - Set of Medium Long Rods (15mm) - Anton/Bauer Gold Mount Battery Adapter (BAB-G) - (2) Viewfinder Cable (Short & Medium) - (2) 24v Camera Power Cable - 12v Accessory Cable - Ethernet Cable - Flight Case

(1) 5D Mark II Cameras with Magic Lantern, Uncompressed, Raw, Digital
(2) 5D Mark II Cameras with Magic Lantern, Uncompressed, Raw, Digital

(4) USB3 Card Readers

(4) 64gig 1000x Komputer UDMA7 Cards and (2) 128gig 1000x Komputer UDMA7 Cards

(2) Transcend 64gig 1000x Compact Flash UDMA7 Cards

Preston 3 Channel  PCS -FIZ1-2 Package

Preston 2 Channel FI+Z , Component 3 3 019 -15-C 19mm to 15mm Adapter Collet , Component 3 3 07 LEMO20 7 Pin Lemo Motor Cable 20" ,Component 1 1 07 LEMO40 7 Pin Lemo Motor Cable 40" , Component 1 1 0AC -VQ50 Sony AC-VQ50 Charger, 1 0CABLEACFERRITE A/C Cable  Charger ,1 0CASEFIZ Preston FI+Z Case, 2 0FIZMF Preston FI+Z to MF Cable, 1 0MDR -CC Preston 25' MDR Command Cbl, 1 0MDR -MP Preston MDR Mounting Plate , 2 0MDR 1PTAP Preston MDR1 PT ap Power Cable , Component 1 1 0MDR 3F MDR1 to 3 Pin Fischer Cable, 1 0MDR 4PIN MDR1 to 4 Pin XLR Cable, 1 0MICROFORCE 12V Microforce Zoom Control 12V , Component 1 1 0OS -FIZ-BA FI+Z Sony Batt Adapter,2 0PCS -DM1 Preston DM-1 Motor ,1 0PCS -FIZ-C Preston FI+Z Control, 1 0PCS -FIZ-MFB FI+Z Microforce Bracket ,

1 0PCS -FIZ-RXA FI+Z RX Antenna 1 0PCS -FIZ-TX Preston FI+Z Transmitter, 1 0PCS -FIZ-TXA FI+Z TX Antenna, 1 0PCS -MDR1 Preston MDR-1 Unit, 1 0PCS -MR Preston Microwave Receiver Serial Number: MR-1272 EACH Component 3 3 0SA -19-15 19mm to 15mm Swing in Arm , 2 0SONYNP -QM71D Battery Sony NP-QM71D , -HU2-MR Marking Ring, Preston HU2 EACH 0.00 0.001 1 0CU 11PIN FISHER POWER CABLE EACH 0.00 0.002 2 0CU PANAVISION CONTROL CABLE EACH 0.00 0.001 1 0CU 3PIN ARRI CONTROL CABLE EACH 0.00 0.001 1 0CU 2PIN MOVIECAM CONTROL CABLE EACH 0.00 0.001 1 0PU PRESTON DM2 MOTOR S/N:2977 EACH 0.00 0.002 2 0CU PANAVISION COMMAND CABLES.

Geared Head with Manual or Programmable Motion Control

Automated/Motion Control, Mini-Worrell, Geared Head (automated pan, tilt, focus control, optional zoom control and dolly control with Genesis control head and DC stepper motors) *Also, the motors unscrew with thumb screws, and you can go manual wheels for control.

Satchler 7x7 Fluid Studio Head

Sachtler VIdeo 30 II, Mitchell base, pan handle, QR plate, front box mount, tiedown

Custom Push Dolly

Custom Push Dolly with 4 ft. Hydraulic Boom with Mitchell Leveling Head Mount.

This custom dolly is an essential tool, as it has aluminum pipe rigging,

customizable for any shoot and can hold the automated Worrell Geared above.

This  dolly as a hand and electrical pump and the accumulator allows up to 5 cycles

per charge. Goes from 1.5 ft to 7.6 ft high.


(1) Mitchell Tripod

(1) Monfrotto Tripod with 505 Fluid Head (optional dolly rig with wheels)
(1) Custom Hercules Tripod with Locking Wheels and Mitchell Mount

(1) Mitchell Leveling High Hat


6 ft. Slider with Mitchell Mount
3 ft. Slider with Mitchell Mount
2 ft. Slider with Mitchell Mount


(1) Angenieux HR 50-500mm T5 Anamorphic Zoom Lens which includes:
Duclos 2x Anamorphic Adapter
Duclos Support/Motor Combo Bracket - Delrin Front Cap
TLS PL Cap - Flight Case

Set of Bausch & Lomb Super Baltar Prime Lens Set of 7 Includes:
 - 20mm T2.3 s/n:358UF - 25mm T2.3 s/n:FF710 - 35mm T2.3 s/n:GF182 - 50mm T2.3 s/n:ZF1165 - 75mm T2.3 s/n:FF577 - 100mm T2.3 s/n:910MF - 152mm T3 s/n:GF213 - Flight Case - Servicing by Duclos Lenses

(*All our lenses are geared with cine pitched gears for focus pullers and DC servo adapters)
Set Nikor Prime Lenses which includes:

28mm F 2.8, 50mm F1.2, 85mm F1.8, 105mm F2.5, 105mm Micro F2.8, 135mm F2.8

200mm F4.0, 300MM F3.2, 800mm F5.6

Zoom lenses: 17-35mm F2.8 Zoom Lens, 43-86mm F3.5

Macro lenses: (1) 72mm 5x , (1)  72mm 7x

* We have many adapter rings for all lenses for Matt boxes and special mounting issues.

Monitors and Teradek Systems

(2) TVLOGIC 5.6KIT TV Logic VFM-056W 5.6" Monitor

CABLEAC AC Cord  Equipment

1 0HOODMANH 600 Hoodman H600 Monitor Shade 

1 0OPTAF 056W Clear Monitor Cover, VFM-056W 

1 0SDICABLE 1.5 18" SDI cable 

1 0VFM 056AC AC Adapter, TV Logic VFM056W

1 0VFM 056MANUAL Manual, TV Logic VFM056WP 

1 0VFM 056WP TV Logic VFM-056WP Monitor

1 0VFMCBLDTAPS P-Tap Power Cable, TVLogic 5.6

1 0BB 056C Canon Battery Back VFM056W 


TERADEKBOLTPRO System which Includes:
(1) Teradek Bolt WirelessVideo Kit                              
1/4 SHOEPOST 1/4-20 Shoe Post (2 Nuts)
0BOLTPROAC Cable, Teradek Bolt AC                
2LEMOPTAP Cable, 2 Pin Lemo to P-Tap
BOLTPRORX Teradek Bolt Pro Receiver
BOLTPROTX Teradek Bolt Pro Transmitter
RASDICOIL Cable, Right Angle Coiled SDI
CABLEPOUCH Fabric Cable Pouch
CU SCREWS EACH 0.00 0.001 1 0CU

Base Plates and Rod Systems

(4) base plate systems with quick-release, V lock systems for any camera rigs.

(1) set of 30" 15mm Rods

(2) sets of 18" 15mm Rods

(2) sets of 12" 15mm Rods

Camera Sleds and Pillars Supports:

(2) L= 14"x W= 3.5" H=3: slotted Camera Sleds for crane and Gear head mounts.

(3) sets of various height pillars support systems for sliders and crane mounts.


Matte Boxes

(1) Arri Studio Matte Box-14 kit which includes:
Arri MB-14 Swing Away Matte box S/N: 1973. Arri 6.6x6.6" 2-Filter Stage w/Geared

Stage, Arri 6.6x6.6" 4-Filter Stage w/2X Geared Stages, 3 qty. 6.6x6.6 Geared Filter Trays,

3 qty 6.6x6.6" Filter Trays, French Flag Holder, Arri Whip for Geared Filter Stages,

138mm Adapter, 138mm to 80mm Bellows, 6.6x6.6 Eyebrow, 2 qty. Arrri 6.6x6.6

Side Brow, Flight Case

(1) Cavision 4x4 3 stage custom matte box with top and side flags

(3) Birnes and Sawyer 4x4 2 Stage Matte boxes.

Filters and Polarizers

6.6x6.6 Filters:

1 Schneider 6x6 ND 0.6 #68-040666

1 Schneider 6x6 ND 0.9 #68-040966 

1 Schneider 6x6 ND 1.2 #68-041266

1 Schnider 6x6 ND Graduated 0.6 (Soft Edge) Filter #68-050666

1 Schnider 6x6 ND Graduated 0.9 (Soft Edge) Filter #68-050766

1 Schnider 6x6 ND Graduated 1.2 (Soft Edge) Filter #68-050866

4x4 Filters:
We have a full array of , Tiffen 4x4 ND's ,1 stop , 2 stops, 3 stops and  4 stops, 
4 Schneider Grads and Polarizers. *Also Schneider HD Classic Softs 1/2 and Full.
* Tiffen Black Pro-mist filters 1/3 and 1/2 and Full.  Mitchell C filter. Spherical 72mm 1/4 Black Pro-mist.  Spherical 72mm
truepole polorizer.

Cinematographer's and Gaffer's Tools

Director's finder: Birnes and Sawyer Deluxe Director's Finder

#2 and #3 Tiffen Contrast Glasses

Birnes and Sawyer Gaffers  Viewing Glass

#4 Tiffen Process Viewing Glasses  (for green screen)

Sekonic  L-508 Cine Zoom Master Light Meter

Pre-production Tools

Shot Designer by Hollywood Camera Works

Frame Forge 3D Studio 

Story Board Quick

Story Board Artist Studio

Martini Quick Shot Creator

GreenScreener Iphone App by Hollywood Camera Works

Final Draft 8

Motion Control Units

(2) Camera Turrett - Genesis Motion Control camera systems these can be configured in a multitude

of ways for Pan. Tilt, Focus, Zoom and dolly or trolley rigs.

Crane and Jib Arms

(3) jib arms 8Ft, 12ft and 18ft mountable on aluminum pipe heads and Mitchell mounts.

Wheel Chair

Air-tired Wheel Chair with aluminum pipe mounts for multiple rigging configurations.


Polaris 200 Sawtooth ATV rigged with aluminum pipe cage for mounting Jib Arms on top. Customized Air

suspension and front end stabilizer system for stability.

Track and Dolly

100 feet of track and dolly. There are (2) Dollies which are fully customizable with skate board wheel systems  with aluminum pipe mounts for any custom rigging. Also, has trolley automated DC servo mount for Genesis trolley control.

Mobile Shoulder Camera Supports

(2) Birnes and Sawyer, custom,  shoulder-mount, camera systems with Mono Pods

Focus Pullers

(1) Cinatech focus puller with 2, 4 and 8ft. whips, also has tripod mount for remote whips and remote hands knobs

(2) Red Rock Micro focus pullers with 15mm rod mounts, 2,4 and 8ft whips.


The Convertible Teleprompter  with Hi-Brite  DV Glass Beam Splitter upgrade and monitor.

Flip-Qlite Version teleprompting software both Mac and PC version



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