We offer a full-service range of pre-production, production, and post-production gear. This includes a full line of electrical, gaffing, lighting, grip, cameras, lenses and audio equipment. We also have teleprompters and a wide range of special

equipment. This includes green and blue screen, rain equipment, and rigging gear. We also have a wide range of associates and crew members, in the USA and elsewhere, with whom we strategically partner based on the requirements of any pertinent motion picture projects.


Data Management and Post

We have an air-conditioned, mobile, production unit that is uniquely designed with data management and post in the front third of the rig. USB charging ports, printer, copier and WIFI 4G are in the rig as well. Sturdy, spacious, fold-down work benches for any production needs are installed.

There are large shock-mounted storage drawers and lower and upper cabinets for lots of delicate equipment storage. The rig also has multiple electrical alternatives, including deep cell battery back-up with inverters for silent operation during shooting and a roof-mounted generator system. The rig is also wired with a custom electrical distribution system. Also an switchable AC input breaker box for any local AC hook ups and a unique 12-volt mobile interface to run the battery and inverter systems from any truck alternator system.


Vehicle Used for Towing Rig

We use a very customized diesel Ford Excursion Limited, outfitted with a new 7.3 liter diesel which includes: High performance Injectors 180/30 customized by DP Tuner,  Cusrom T4 Bell & Howell Turbo and intercooler system; S&B Intake System; EBV Exhaust Mod; 4" exhaust with no cat. to 5" exhaust output; DP Tuner with Infinity Touch Screen with many preloaded custom tunes for towing, economy, and performance; pyrometer and gauges; custom idle tunes for charging electronics in the rig; AFE power differential covers; 355 nitro gears in rear differential and front 4wd differential, for economical fuel performance; Stainless Carr light bars, front and rear, with yellow, emergency pulsars for road safety during filming; Terminator high-pressure fuel pump; high-pressure map sensor by-pass system; 30K lb Airlift airbags; Hellwig sway bar mods for towing safety; Billstein shocks; 33" Toyo tires; Upgraded Torque converter & shift kit, high-pressure turbo intercooler pipes, boots and clamps:  for superior horsepower performance.


Upper Shooting Deck

The rig has a wide range of shooting capabilities, including a large 128-square-foot shooting deck, rigged with aluminum pipe, which is up over 10 feet high on top of the rig, sporting a 750-lb electric crane system, including lots of custom block and tackle, lifting straps and rigging gear to safely lift gear up on top of the shooting deck. This can be used to rig large lighting gear to illuminate large outdoor areas and meet many other unique demands in lighting situations. It is also used to rig various camera and crew shooting requirements. The upper shooting deck is fabricated with strong 16 and 13 gauge square framing with a large 22 x 18 inch, sealed hatch door for crew access. The deck is painted with a sand-textured, non-slip finish for safety in all kinds of weather. Also, for cargo and unique hauling capabilities, there is E-track running the entire 16 foot length of the shooting deck on the outside edge of the deck for safe equipment tie-down. There are two custom, 16-foot-long by 18-inch-high x 12-inch-wide diamond plate weatherproof storage boxes, which allow a multitude of hauling and storage capabilities. One side has a track for a dolly that can support a crane.

Lower Shooting Deck

The mobile rig also has a 72-square-foot rear shooting deck, rigged with aluminum pipe which is 18 inches off the road, floated on a custom air-ride suspension system, and can be used for any road shooting and also moveable mobile setups. It can even be used as a mobile dolly as well. The pipe surrounding the deck allows for crew safety and a multitude of equipment mounting for mobile setups. The deck is also set up with E-track for equipment and crew tie downs and non-slip diamond plate on the deck.

All-in-one, Tactical, Mobile Rig (Grip, Electrical, Rigging, Lighting and Camera)

The rear two-thirds of the rig has E-track on the ceiling, side walls and floor for safe and secure gear tie downs. We also have 4 custom designed production carts. There is a custom winch installed on the inside of the ceiling which can be run manually by push button or remote RF control, and it has a safety key, locked, cutoff switch. This winch is valuable to safely load and unload the heavy production carts. Rear and side flood lights are on the rig for nighttime illumination and equipment rigging. There is a rear hitch on back of trailer for towing generators, rigged quad, or other equipment.

1. Grip Taco Cart with C stands, Grip Gear and Heavy Roller Stands
2. Lighting Cart
3. Electrical Cart
4. Lighting and Parts Cart

Remote control ceiling mounted winch system for safe, fast and easy equipment cart loading. Rig Safety Features
The rig has some important safety features. There are four retractable stabilizers for stationary parking, stable camera shooting and load leveling. There is an electric, front-mounted tongue winch for all such leveling and hookup of the rig. The rig has been custom designed with upgraded, custom air suspension for smooth riding during shooting and safe equipment hauling. The frame, tongue and axles have all been upgraded for high capacity and safe equipment hauling. The rig is equipped with class ABC fire extinguisher, a full assortment of orange road cones and crew safety harnesses and reflective road vests.

Rig Safety Lighting Features

Road lights include custom, high-intensity, multi-pattern, LED, amber road flashers placed 3 and 10 feet high on the rear of the rig for driving and shooting safety. These LED, amber road flashers are also wired to come on with the reverse lights and a back up beeper system. There is a remote for the emergency road flashers for driver or rear crew control. The rig also has rear video for driver visibility of crew and reverse parking. The rig has high-intensity, LED tail lights and LED marker lights around the rig for road and transport safety. 



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